We're looking for volunteers and support! Join our elite squads of atheists by helping in these ways and more:

  • Join us carrying the End of the World signboard. People definitely notice the sign and it's a ton of fun. We'll be at the U. District Street Fair this weekend and in Seattle's Westlake Park during lunch hour (11-1) all next week after the Rapture.
  • Come visit Seattle Atheists at the U. District Street Fair on May 21-22! Whether the rapture happens or not, we'll be out in forcee.
  • Volunteer time: help spread the word, help write for our blog / site, come street-preach with us!
  • Video production: we're interested in someone with time and inclination to produce and edit videos (Youtube length).
  • Promote us: share our website, write about it, talk about it.
  • Help us with ideas. This is evolving fast and your event, marketing or story idea can help shape it.
  • Tell us if you see us in the press or on blogs! We'd like to watch as it spreads :)
  • Help with Camp Quest! If you are a parent interested, or want to volunteer to help make it happen, let us know.

To help, contact us at rapturerelief@seattleatheists.org .

Seattle Atheists

If you'd like to help us with other events and campaigns, feel free to email us . Also, check out our site and become a member!