May 21-22: U. District StreetFair

When Armageddon begins on May 21, we'll be out in force at the Seattle Atheists booth at the U. District StreetFair . Come visit us and take shelter under our tent as the meteors hit! You may also see us walking around with our new street preaching signboards.

May 21 Countdown To Backpedaling Party

Tacoma's Ask An Atheist radio show is hosting an End of the World Party at Dorky's Arcade in Tacoma at 8PM. There will be music and a general celebration of our impending doom!

May 23-27: "Preaching" In Downtown Seattle

During the first week of earthquakes, we'll be down in front of Westlake Mall in Seattle from 11-1 with our "The End of the World Is Was Nigh" signboard. This should be some fun interaction with passersby :)

June 4: Donate blood in Seattle

Join Seattle Atheists at Cyndy's House of Pancakes and then off to donate our newly sugar-enriched blood, in the hopes of saving those whose blood has a life-threatening syrup deficiency.

July 7: Donate blood in Bellevue

The bridges across Lake Washington are almost certain to have sunk to a watery grave, so we'll need blood supply on both sides of the lake. Come donate with us at the Puget Sound Blood Center!